Bass Bender is about as close to fame as he is to death. Fame achieved over time can change a person. But what can fame do to this one person if it happens overnight?

Jumbolia takes you on tour with the charmingly troubled Bass and his trusty sidekick Roadie. It’s theatre production on a shoestring and a prayer, with the gods answering in mysterious ways. While Bass has had some level of success in the industry, the hot house effect of touring a one man show for the first time appears a little beyond him from the start. Roadie  has all the technical expertise you would expect from an ex-K-Mart security guard. Mix a potpourri of chemicals into the equation and you have a tour that’s bound to end with a bang. With audiences in single digits, Bass’ bank account is soon in the same figures. It’s time to live the life of success while there’s credit left on his card. The life of success means only excess to Bass, and Roadie becomes increasingly concerned at the direction his friend is headed. Bass is simply concerned with getting his virgin sidekick laid. Friendship takes many forms, as Roadie befriends Suzie, Bass befriends the press, and their show flirts with the idea of a sell out. With the upward spiral of success comes the downward spiral of our lead as life imitates art and Bass seems unable to remove himself from the fantasy of his production. It’s lights, sound, action, but will this be his final curtain?


Copyright 2015 P.J. Sheppard